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Ceramic Coatings

One of the biggest mysteries of how Ceramic Coating works is found in how to explain exactly what it does and how to quantify the results.  Hopefully, you will find the reasoning below a means to better understand and grasp how truly incredible Ceramic Coatings are.


On a normal sunny day here in the South, from let’s say March to October, you have available 400-450 BTU’s of heat gain on your roof and walls per square foot, per hour (not our numbers, but NOAA’s).  For the sake of our discussion let’s be a little conservative and cut this down to 300 BTU’s of heat gain per square foot per hour.  Now let’s say you have 10,000 square feet of roofing exposed to the sun...this means that on most sunny days you have a possible BTU heat load of approximately 3,000,000 BTUs per hour over the entire roof. This heat gain, along with the increased ambient summer temperatures, is the reason so many of us see our A/C costs rise dramatically during this time of year.   Add in to this equation that everybody has a different style roof, roof color, or a different surface.


With Ceramic Coating, it does not matter what your roof looks like or what it is made of, Ceramic  is  all about  blocking the  heat  load before  it  gets to your building.   Ceramic Coating blocks the Ultraviolet Rays (long and short wavelength)...the energy rays of the light spectrum that generate the heat load we feel and not just the visible light spectrum (which is what all other Low E “white” roofs and coatings do). For example, park a black car and a white car side by side in the sun.  Everyone expects the black car to get pretty hot, and it does...but the white car gets nearly as hot even though it’s white.  Now park these 2 cars in the shade (where the UV rays are greatly reduced) and then touch the cars...they are much cooler; just a few degrees more than the outside ambient temperature.


The specifications on Ceramic Coating say it blocks 96% of the UV Rays (about 98% of the heat load), and it does!  Again, for the sake of this reasoning we are going conservative once again and saying that we will block 90% of the heat load on your roofs and/or walls. What that says is that of the possible 3,000,000 BTUs per hour that are available to heat up the surface of your roof, only 300,000 make it through to your 10,000 square foot roof.  And if we make that BTUs per square’s only 30 BTUs instead of the 300 we started with.


We hear constantly about the effects of a “White” roof on your A/C costs and how this is a major means to fight excess energy usage.  However, a white roof works by blocking the visible light spectrum, which gives you an approximate BTU heat load reduction of about 22-25%...not the 90% Ceramic Coatings offers!   Plus, a white roof only works if it is clean, which means you must pressure wash it for it to remain effective.  Ceramic Coatings, since it works on the UV Rays, is not bothered by dirt build up or grime.  In fact, ceramic Coatings come in a few different colors if you need it and is mostly unaffected by color content (think about the colors available on metal roofs now and the current heat load they see daily).


This means that if your roof is Metal, EPDM, TPO, Modified Bitumen, Hypalon, Slate, etc... it doesn’t matter!  Because with Ceramic Coating there is no heat load to worry about...nor is insulation under the roof/wall surface a necessary item. If there is no heat load…?


Also, because we are Ceramic, we not only have Radiant heat reflective properties, we are also a Conductive and Convective insulator.  So on those cold winter days where its 40 degrees outside, with wind and rain, Ceramic Coatings are working to block the heat from leaving your building!  A full 24/7/365’s worth of protection for your building.

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