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Thermal & Corrosive Solutions

In most business, maintenance, and operations people learn fairly quickly that the most cost effective way to grow their business is to maintain production while simultaneously decreasing downtime and life cycle costs.


In today’s economy, with costs rising and revenues falling, the best way to fight back is to effectively repair what you have and to decrease your energy usage at the same time.  Griffith Roofing brings multiple solutions for both to companies like yours with Ceramic Insulation, Multiple High Performance Fluid Flow & Polymer Repair Systems, for flooring, equipment and building maintenance. Griffith Roofing, Teamed with Thermal Corrosion Solutions,  is the Industry Leader in Ceramic Spray-on Insulations & Application with over 28yrs in the insulation industry. TCS / Griffith also offers a full line of Specialty Flooring and Coating Systems, Spray-on Roofing membranes for Restoration and New Roofing Issues, Waterproofing and Vapor/Air Barrier Systems, and Internal pump linings for rebuilding damaged metals due to erosion and corrosion from liquid transport and cavitation.


Our materials can provide (energy conservation, increased life cycle, in Industrial/Commercial and Power Production Facilities) along with providing a turnkey project services with a potential ROI.

New FEMA Building Complete Roof System

Chinese Restaurant Fish Pond Waterproofing- Concrete Had Cracked allowing massive leaks

Ceramic tanks, heat Exchangers and Towers visually inspectable, corrosion resistant, energy efficient, maintenance friendly

Metael Roofs – EPDM – Mod-Bit – PVC – TPO – Wood – Shingled – Tile – All a good fit for the Wetsuit Process

Chiller and Heat Exchanger Tube sheet Repair – Eliminate Bi Metallic Erosion and Corrosion while increasing the Lifecycle and Efficiency of Equipment

Slurry Pump Repair Paper Mill

Restored Old Lift Pump for for Water Park Owners thought it could not be repaired – They were mistaken!

Impeller Rebuild Old coating failing removed and new material installed

These are just a few of the remarkable successful project. We would appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you and your associates and show you how we can save you time, energy and increase the lifecycle of your equipment and facility that equals “money”.

Serving Rockwall, Garland, Dallas and all the surrounding areas since 1926!

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