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Thermal Corrosion Solutions

 Cross over the Spectrum of needs for Industrial, Institutional, and

Commercial Applications…We Offer Solutions!

Ceramic Coated Insulations

  • Spray On Ceramic Insulative Coating for Hot Process Equipment, Piping, Tanks, Walls, Roofs, Etc.
  • Chill Water Applications, Anti- Condensate, Ductwork
  • Noise Reduction
  • Member USGBC
  • LEED Points Available
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Dry Fall

Building Envelope

  • Water     Proofing  for  Cementitious  Products  both
  • Vertical and Horizontal Applications
  • Migratory Rust Inhibitor (surface applied) for Existing Rebar/Structures (Batch Load New, Spray On Existing). Stop Rust Inside your Concrete!
  • Concrete    Curing    Products    (pour    today-coat tomorrow)
  • Roof Repairs and Waterproofing
  • Below Grade Waterproofing (positive or negative)
  • Ponds, Holding Areas, Containment
  • Stabilize and Densify your Concrete

Monolithic Spray-On Roofing & Roof Repair

  • Seamless Spray-on Roofing
  • Membrane
  • Truly Waterproof
  • UV Stable
  • 1600% Elongation
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Highest Rating for Class 990 Wind Uplift
  • Dry Fall
  • FM Approved
  • Exempt from National Codes for 3rd Roofs
  • LEED Points Available
  • Sustainability
  • Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces
  • Roof Top, Energy Saving, Coatings
  • Below Grade Waterproofer (positive or negative)

Polymeric Materials and Repair Materials

  • Polymeric Rebuild/Repairs for Metals
  • Rebuild/Repairs for Concretes and
  • Containment Areas
  • Chemical Resistant Coatings
  • Rebuild/Repair and Coat Fluid Flow
  • Equipment
  • Energy Saving Resurfacing Coatings
  • NSF Rated Coatings
  • Flooring and Flooring Repairs
  • Internal Tank Coatings
  • Tank Repair
  • Rebuild, Rebuild, and Resurface Piping

Flooring and Floor Coatings

  • Chemical and Impact Resistant Floor Coatings
  • Floor Repair and Refurbish
  • Non-Slip and Anti-Skid Floors and Walkways
  • NSF Rated Flooring and Coatings
  • ESD Flooring
  • Specialty Flooring
  • Striping, Lanes, Caution

Energy Saving Coatings

  • Ceramic Coating for Roofs and Walls that Reflects
  • 98% of UV Rays,
  • Coatings  for  Fluid  Flow  Equipment  that  Increase
  • Output up to 7%,
  • Increase Life Expectancy
  • Decrease Life Cycle Costs

Insulative Mating

  • Flexible   yet   Durable   Matting   that   can   Handle
  • Temperatures Ranging from -460 F (-270 C) up to
  • 1,200 F (650 F).
  • Supplied in Thicknesses of 6 mm - 10 mm
  • Hydrophobic and Repels Water
  • Cut to Shape as Needed.
  • Cryogenic to Hi-Temp processes.

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