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This is a pic of the final result. Cannot say enough good things about the professional work of the roofing crew or Mr. Kurt Rutledge of Griffith Roofing out of Rockwall.


I would recommend this man and his company to anyone needing a new roof.


This roof is a Class 4, "Legacy" by Malarkey (not kidding) and is really great.



From the friendliness and expedience of Hannah's follow-up phone calls to Eugene's visit to look at our roof leak and Debra's kindness when I phoned to follow-up, thank you, thank you!


What a pleasure working with such competent and friendly people when dealing with not-so-nice complications within the home.  It sure helps to take the sting out of homeownership surprises.


Eugene explained exactly what he was going do to, did it and then dealt with my "twenty' questions in such a patient and friendly manner.  When customer services is a lost art anymore, it seems Griffith Roofing hasn't forgotten what it takes.


Having hired great and not so great staff of my own, I know how difficult it is to find and keep great people.  Congratulations and keep up the great work!



Rita Schumacher and Bruce Pretty"

Hello, I would like to say thanks and to congratulate your company and Matt Welch and his team for a great job ..very well done.. to replace my roof and skylite on October 11, 2016.

Matt and his team were very professional and efficient in completing the job in one day.  They did a good clean up of the area around my home after work completion.  I would highly recommend Griffith and especially your sales rep Matt Welch, who gave good advice and did a follow up to work completed.

Thank you.



Dear Sirs:


I have nothing but praise of Mr. Matt Welch who was the salesperson handling my claim and new roof installation.  He was thorough in the details relating to my claim, very kind to me and understanding of my time limits due to international travel.  In spite of thunderstorms and adverse climate conditions, he put me ahead of others to help me out.


I have no doubt that he constitutes one of your best salesperson and employee you could have hired and I am happy that he seems to thrive working on your behalf.  I have every intention of recommending him and your company to anyone who needs a roof and that I know about it .




Mariluz U. Holmes



Yesterday I received the hold out payment from Safeco for our claim. All the work is complete. Our home is in better shape than it was before the storm.

All that said, it is time for me to pay you. Do I pay the contract amount? Do you have a preference of weather I pay online and have the bank send a check or just send you a regular check? I think they will both get to you at about the same time. Or, if you will be in the area and would like to pick it up, I’d like to add in lunch at some good spot here in McKinney.


You have been so good for Darlene and I, we don’t know how to thank you enough. Your care and understanding when we didn’t know what to do was so nice. The quality of work coupled with your personal review each time to make sure everything was just right was just outstanding and much more than we ever expected. We will never forget what you have done for us.


I almost wish the claim was still going on as I have enjoyed working with you so much.


Kindest Regards,


John and Darlene Jones


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